How to propose donations

Policies, guidelines and procedures for donations, acquisitions and loans to the Museu Oscar Niemeyer collection

Steps for donating, acquiring or loaning works for the collection


All donation, acquisition and/or lending proposals must follow the guidelines of the “Marco Referencial do Museu Oscar Niemeyer”.


The Donation, Acquisition and/or Lending proposal must be submitted in a digital file to the collection sector.

The proposal must contain the following:

  • Letter of intent with all of the owner’s information;
  • Information of the work: title, date, technique and size;
  • High resolution photos (in TIF or JPG format);
  • Resume of the artist (pdf, word document or link);
  • Value for sale (if it fits the proposal).

Donation, acquisition and/or lending proposals will be evaluated and approved by the Executive Board and Councils of the Museu Oscar Niemeyer.

  • Acquisition proposals must undergo the Board's evaluation.
  • The acquisition proposals approved by the Councils will also be evaluated in the meeting with the active patrons.

The period for evaluating proposals is subject to the calendar of meetings ****and activities of the Offices involved.


Only after approval of the proposal will the applicant receive a formal communication and then the delivery of the work will be scheduled.

Rejected proposals will receive a formal communication of the refusal.


Only after the approval of the proposal, the Donation, Acquisition and/or Lending contract will be signed.

The lending proposal has a minimum duration of twenty (20) years established in the agreement.

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