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The Museu Oscar Niemeyer (MON), one of the most important museums in Brazil and Latin America, has a collection of approximately 14 thousand works of art, design and architecture, in addition to great collections of Asian and African artifacts. Recognized by the visiting public for the quality of its exhibitions, it has an intense educational program and attracts more than 380,000 visitors a year.

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Asia: the Earth, the Men, the Gods

Organized by the Oscar Niemeyer Museum, presented by Itaipu

Africa, Artistic Expressions of a Continent

Organized by Oscar Niemeyer Museum, presented by Copel

Annual Plan

MON's “Plano Anual de exposições” (Annual Plan for exhibitions) and educational projects are registered the Culture Tax Incentive Law (Lei Rouanet, PRONAC),

allowing for a 100% deduction of the sponsored amount

in the income tax rates of partner companies.

In order for a company to contribute to the MON Annual Plan, it must be taxed using the “sistema de lucro real” (actual profit system),

deducting up to 4% of the income tax owed*

Investors must deposit the desired sponsorship amount into the project's bank account (opened and supervised by the Ministry of Culture), by the last working day of 2023.

The entire process takes place with extreme transparency

and recognition, words that define MON's relationship with its sponsors.

* Legal entities taxed on the basis of presumed profit, opting for the “Simples Nacional” (micro-enterprises and small businesses) cannot be sponsors through the Lei Rouanet.

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Funding Account

Banco do Brasil 001

Agency 3041-4

Account number 34275-0



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