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Is MON prepared to receive visitors with disabilities?

Yes. MON has programs to assist the following people with disabilities: people on wheelchairs or mobility restrictions, people who are blind or have low vision, and people with autism or neurodivergent. Learn more about the MON for Everyone (MON Para Todos) program.

Does MON have accessibility policies for people with reduced mobility and wheelchair users?

Yes, all Museum spaces can be accessed by elevators. There are also restrooms with accessibility on all floors of the main building and on the 3rd floor of the Eye Tower. For greater comfort and safety, people with wheelchairs should always use the elevators to move between floors.

The Poty Lazzarotto Auditorium has spaces reserved for people with wheelchairs and obese people, bathrooms with accessibility and a lifting platform to access the stage.

Does the Museum lend wheelchairs for use during the visit?

Yes, the wheelchairs are available upon request once you arrive at the Museum and it's a service free of charge. However MON has a limited number of wheelchairs, and it is not possible to reserve them before the visit or guarantee their immediate availability. The use of wheelchairs is restricted to the indoor area.

Which Museum spaces are prepared to receive visually impaired people?

Access to MON via Rua Marechal Hermes, to the Ticket Office and to the Sculptures Courtyard is signaled by tactile paving.

The Sculpture Courtyard, located underground, has tactile works with Braille subtitles and audio description that can be explored autonomously by all visitors. Other exhibitions in the museum can be visited accompanied by an Educative personnel, responsible for indicating which works can be explored by blind or low-vision people. The scheduling of these visits must be done by e-mail to or by phone +55 (41) 3350-4448.

Are service animals allowed in the Museum?

Yes, duly accredited guide dogs and assistance dogs are welcome at MON. The presentation of the animal's credential to the Security team is mandatory.

Are people with disabilities eligible for half-price admission?

Yes, people with disabilities and a companion are entitled to half-price admission.

Do the parking lots have parking spaces for people with disabilities?

Yes, there is designated parking spaces in both parking lots for people with disabilities, that can be used by visitors with credentials issued by an official body.

Does MON have accessibility policies for autistic or neurodivergent people?

MON provides an exclusive space for autistic or neurodivergent visitors and tools to plan and structure the visit.

- “Sala de Acomodação Sensorial” (Sensory Accommodation Room): a space designed especially for neurodivergent people who need a reserved place with reduced stimuli, to reorganize themselves during a possible crisis triggered by the visit.

- Tools/materials for planning your visit: two documents are available whose purpose is to help visitors plan their visit to MON: the Visual Narrative and the Sensory Map. The Visual Narrative shows, through images and short texts, what can be expected from the visit, and the Sensory Map indicates which are the most common sensory stimuli throughout the different spaces in the Museum. As the exhibitions change frequently, the sensory stimuli present in each exhibition can be consulted on the page of the exhibition or in the access area to the exhibition room

- Sunflower Lanyard: MON provides the Sunflower Lanyard, an accessory recognized worldwide for identifying people with hidden disabilities, such as autism, in addition to noise mufflers for visitors. If needed, both are available at reception.

Can autistic people access MON with attachment objects or stim toys?

For safety reasons, some objects are not allowed in the Museum space. The list of these items is available at: Visual Narrative. For access with attachment objects or stim toys, it will be necessary to consult the security team before entering the Museum. In case of doubt, contact us by email at or by phone + 55 (41) 3350-4400.