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About the program

The MON for Everyone (MON para Todos) program was developed by the Museu Oscar Niemeyer to expand access to the collection and activities offered by the institution for people with disabilities. For people with blindness or visual impairment, the program has subtitles in Braille, tactile models, audioguides, original sculptures and miniature replicas. The program offers, by appointment, activities with translation into Brazilian Sign Language for people with hearing impairments. The specific service for people with Autistic Spectrum Disorders relies on a “Sala de Acomodação Sensorial” (Sensory Accommodation Room), a space designed especially for neurodivergent people who need a reserved place, with reduced stimuli, to reorganize themselves during a possible crisis triggered by the visit. A booklet was also created with standards and guidelines for caring for these audiences. We have also made available sunflower lanyards, a globally recognized accessory for identifying people with non-visible disabilities, such as autism. The Museum's main objective in developing actions such as the MON for Everyone (MON para Todos) program is to increase accessibility and bring the institution closer to a wide range of audiences.

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