Exhibition Notice

The MON displays exhibitions related to the fields of visual arts, architecture, and design. In addition to exhibitions conceived by its own technical team, it also receives proposals from artists, curators, and external producers, which are annually reviewed by the Museum's Board and subsequently evaluated by the Cultural Council and, in a deliberative capacity, by the institution's Superior Council.

Proposals are reviewed based on artistic quality, professionalism, and alignment with MON's mission and areas of activity, as described in the MON Exhibition Notice.



For the 2025 Notice, exhibition proposals must be submitted exclusively in digital format through the registration form below, until the deadline of August 22, 2024, in accordance with the conditions defined in the MON Exhibition Notice.

The result of the analysis conducted by the Cultural Council will be communicated in writing to the applicants by October 31, 2024, exclusively to the email address provided in the proposal.

Access the Exhibition Notice and the necessary documents for registration.

Submitting proposals implies express and unrestricted agreement with the guidelines of the Exhibition Notice by all Applicants.

Exhibition Notice

Step-by-step for registration

Before starting to fill out the registration form, please check the following guidelines:

In case of doubts

Send exclusively to the email: edital2026@mon.org.br


Fill out the form completely.

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    The registration form must be completed in full and submitted at the end of the process. It is not possible to start filling it out, save the file, and complete the process at another time. The information is not saved.

Submit the documentation in the specified formats - pdf, xls, and xlsx.

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    It is mandatory to submit Annex I (Documentation) in pdf format, Annex II (List of Works) and Annex III (Copyright Declaration). The limit for each file is 10 MB;

    To download templates click here.

Make sure to send images with a size limit of 10 MB.

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    Attach a maximum of 10 images in the indicated information fields (images 1 to 10). The limit for each file is 10 MB.

Take responsibility for portfolio links.

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    Videos, websites, or electronic portfolios can be submitted via a link in the indicated information fields. It is the sole responsibility of the applicant to ensure that the provided links are active until the end of the evaluation process.

Use the programs WinRAR and WinZip.

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    To download the files, it is necessary to have an unzipping program installed, such as WinRAR, WinZip or similar.

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