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What is a visit with mediation, without mediation or with a workshop?

With mediation

A mediated guided visit is based on a conversation about the Museum and its current exhibitions.

A mediator is the professional responsible for interacting with the group during the visit. This professional researches, studies and prepares the visit, always taking into account the group's prior knowledge and direct participation.o.

Without mediation

In a visit without mediation, the group is not accompanied by a professional during the entire visit, they only receive basic guidelines for the visit upon arrival.

The group must be guided by the teachers themselves and must follow the guidelines received by the museum staff and the booklet sent at the time of confirmation of the appointment..

With a workshop

Visits with workshops only happen when the schedule is available for mediation.

In this format, the group participates in a mediated visit, followed by a practical activity, with the aim of expanding the knowledge obtained during the visit. The workshop may be related to the curatorial concept, the artist or an artistic technique.

Is it necessary to pay for mediated visits and workshops?

The services offered by the Educational Program are free of charge! However, it is necessary to purchase the tickets to the museum.

Public educational institutions are exempt from the entrance fee to the Museum, as well as children under 12 years old and seniors over 60 years of age. Private educational institutions and tourism groups must pay the value of 30 reais (full price) or 15 reais (half-price).

On Wednesdays, admission is free for everyone, as it is the Museum's free day.

How long does the visit last?

Groups WITHOUT mediation: The time is determined by the leader of the group. We suggest that you reserve at least 40 minutes for the visit.

Groups WITH mediation and WITHOUT a workshop: It is mandatory to have at least 1 hour for the visit. It is important to consider how many exhibitions you want your group to visit.

Groups WITH mediation and WITH a workshop: The workshops are directly related to the content covered during the mediation. Groups scheduled in this category must allow at least 2 hours for the visit.

Do public institutions and NGOs need to purchase tickets?

No. By prior appointment, even without mediation, public education institutions and NGOs are exempt from admission fees.

Do companions/monitors need to purchase a ticket?

No, they will be exempt. There is a maximum of one companion for every 10 students. Specific cases that require additional companions/monitors must be communicated in advance.

Is it mandatory to have an educational mediator accompany the visit?

No. If you prefer, you can make an independent visit with your group. We always seek to personally greet all groups, even the ones without mediation, in order to welcome and clearly inform the museum rules before the visit.

For groups with minors, it is mandatory that the group remains together, even without mediation; the group can be divided into smaller subgroups according to the availability of companions and monitors.

⚠️ It is essential to have one companion/monitor for every 10 students.

Is it possible to eat snacks or have lunch with the group at MON?

The Museum does not allow entrance with food and/or beverages, these items must be left on the bus or in the lockers.

Snacks are allowed in the Parcão (park next to the museum) or in the Free Span, however it is forbidden to eat on the Glass Floor.

Please instruct the group to preserve the cleanliness of the place. Trash bins are located next to the main entrance and in front of the ticket office.

Where should I disembark with my group and where can the bus park?

The closest parking lot to the entrance is on Rua Manoel Eufrásio (side street to the museum), the bus can only remain parked during boarding and disembarking, with a tolerance of up to 15 minutes. After this period it is necessary to park on the street.

Are groups allowed to engage in pedagogical activities during the visit?

Yes, this is allowed, but we suggest doing any activities before or after the visit, so that the group can enjoy the museum experience in the best possible way.

For groups with mediation, we ask that this be communicated in advance for the adequate preparation of our team.

⚠️ If it is necessary to use materials such as pencils, pens, clipboards, notebooks, among others, it is necessary to inform our staff beforehand, as these materials are considered to be a risk to the artworks and require prior authorization.

Does the museum offer transportation for groups?

No. It is up to the groups to arrange transportation to the museum. It is worth noting that there is a public transport station right in front of the museum, as well as a tourist bus line stop next to MON.

How to schedule a group visit?

With mediation: you must first contact us by phone to find an available date in our schedule. Afterwards, it is necessary to fill out our online form. Please call: +55 (41) 3350-4448.

Without mediation: you just need to fill in the online form and put "no" in the "mediation" field.

I have already booked my group visit, how do I know if it is confirmed?

If you only made the reservation over the phone, you must complete the online form to schedule your appointment and receive the confirmation email.

Confirmation will be sent to all the e-mails you registered in the online form, within a week.

The confirmation e-mail informs the date, time and number of people in the scheduled visit, as well as information about the visit and documents that must be presented upon arrival.

⚠️ If you filled out the form and did not receive an appointment confirmation within a week, or a confirmation call from our staff, please contact us by phone: +55 (41) 3350-4468. It is also important to check your spam folder.

How many days in advance do I need to schedule a visit?

Please schedule your visit as far in advance as possible, due to the high demand for our service.

If it is not possible to plan ahead, we recommend that you schedule at least two weeks in advance, as the confirmation can take up to a week to be sent.

⚠️ Mediation is rarely available for visits scheduled with 2 weeks in advance, but the group can visit the Museum and the exhibitions without mediation.

How do I change or cancel my appointment?

It is important to first communicate the Museum by phone +55 (41) 3350-4448, so that our team can immediately release the vacancy for another group on the waiting list.

⚠️ It is also necessary to send an e-mail to the address:, to formalize the request.