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of Bispo do Rosário

With over 100 works, the exhibition "Sonoridades de Bispo do Rosário" ("Sounds of Bispo do Rosário") held by the Oscar Niemeyer Museum puts the legacy of this renowned artist in dialogue with artists whose creative processes were influenced by Bispo do Rosário.

Works like installations, objects, collages, assemblages, and banners, characteristic of Arthur Bispo do Rosário, interact with the visual work of Antônio Bragança, Stella do Patrocínio, Leonardo Lobão, Paulo Nazareth, Marlon de Paula, Rick Rodrigues, Eduardo Hargreaves, Fernanda Magalhães and Guilherme Gontijo Flores.

  • Artist

    Arthur Bispo do Rosário, Antônio Bragança, Eduardo Hargreaves, Fernanda Magalhães, Guilherme Gontijo Flores, Leonardo Lobão, Marlon de Paula, Paulo Nazareth, Rick Rodrigues and Stella do Patrocínio.

  • Curatorship

    Luiz Gustavo Carvalho

  • Exhibition period

    From 5 de julho de 2023

  • Until 18 de fevereiro de 2024

  • Location

    Room 6

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Oscar Niemeyer Museum holds an exhibition of the artist Bispo do Rosário

The exhibition “Sonoridades de Bispo do Rosário” (“Sounds of Bispo do Rosário”), which will open on July 4, in Room 6 of the Oscar Niemeyer Museum (MON), comprises more than 100 works. The exhibition puts the legacy of Arthur Bispo do Rosário in dialogue with other artists whose creative processes were influenced by him and by his experience with the Colônia Juliano Moreira, where Bispo do Rosário spent most of his life as an intern. The curator is Luiz Gustavo Carvalho.

“By holding this exhibition, MON proposes to the spectator a deep reflection on what art is and its transformative role”, comments the director-president of the Museum, Juliana Vosnika.

“Celebrated and recognized posthumously in Brazil and abroad, in an unusual process, lacking academic training, Bispo do Rosário produced from unusual materials, transforming his genius into surprising installations, comparable to the work of Marcel Duchamp in showing that art is also possible from the simplicity of everyday objects”, she states.

Evoking the sound and poetic aspects of the artist's work, the various objects, installations, collages, assemblages, and banners present in the exhibition dialogue with the visual, performative, and poetic work of other artists that are part of the exhibition, making the impact of their legacy on the contemporary art scene evident.

They are: Antônio Bragança, Stella do Patrocínio, Leonardo Lobão, Paulo Nazareth, Marlon de Paula, Rick Rodrigues, Eduardo Hargreaves, Fernanda Magalhães and Guilherme Gontijo Flores.

Arthur Bispo do Rosário (1909-1989) was an intern at the Colônia Juliano Moreira (RJ), one of the largest psychiatric hospitals in the country in the last century, during most of his life. He carried several stigmas of social marginalization still in force in our society – black, poor, crazy, asylum in an asylum – and managed, in his genius, to subvert the exclusionary logic proposed, from his work.

His cell at the Núcleo Ulisses Vianna, instead of being a place of confinement, became a studio and a space for research. “He defended his work obstinately (…). In a world deafened by the chaos of normality and in which voices are muffled, Arthur Bispo do Rosário sees the need to shout,” explains Carvalho.

For years, the artist tore up the blue uniforms of the asylum, in an act of subversion and lucidity against the asylum prison, to then transform them, embroidering, re-embroidering, joining, repairing, writing, hiding, and creating catalogs and cartographies that cross the borders between the real and the imaginary, the visible and the invisible, the conscious and the unconscious.

“We must not forget to ask: How was it possible for a person who spent decades imprisoned in an asylum system that saw the exclusion of the individual as a rule to have left us a work of unique importance, worldwide, in the middle of the 20th century?”, asks the exhibition curator.

Hundreds of national and international exhibitions made over the last decades around his work show the incredible range of his work. Bispo do Rosário was the subject of books, films, and theater plays, among other artistic aspects.


The Oscar Niemeyer Museum (MON) is a state heritage linked to the State Secretariat for Culture. The institution houses important references of national and international artistic production in the areas of visual arts, architecture, and design, as well as great Asian and African collections. In total, the collection has approximately 14 thousand works of art, housed in a space of more than 35 thousand square meters of built area, which makes MON the largest art museum in Latin America.

Exhibition “Sonoridades de Bispo do Rosário”
Opening: July 4
Room 6 


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Until 18 de fevereiro de 2024


Room 6



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