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Perpetual Motion

Norma Grinberg

Em "Perpétuo Movimento", Norma Grinberg apresenta seu trabalho, pesquisa e experiências no campo da arte cerâmica. O percurso do amorfo à forma mais sofisticada é orquestrado pela razão e pela alma. Neste caminho o barro é transformado pelo trabalho manual, pelas ferramentas, pela química, pelo fogo, subordinados à sensibilidade da artista. São objetos modulares, instalações bi e tridimensionais convidando o público a um diálogo permanente entre a imaginação, o sonho e a materialidade.

  • Artist

    Norma Grinberg

  • Curatorship

    Daisy Grisolia

  • Exhibition period

    From 5 de julho de 2023

  • Until 25 de fevereiro de 2024

  • Location

    Room 3

  • Suitable for all ages

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Norma Grinberg's exhibition is MON's newest achievement

The Oscar Niemeyer Museum (MON) holds the exhibition “Perpétuo Movimento” (“Perpetual Movement”), by Norma Grinberg. The opening will be on July 4th, in Room 3. The curator is Daisy Grisolia.

“An artistic trajectory spanning decades, which merges with experiences and inspirations collected in a continuous movement between locations and cultures, reaches the public in this unprecedented exhibition held by MON”, says the institution's director-president, Juliana Vosnika.

The exhibition includes panels, sculptures, objects, and installations, fruits of Norma's creativity and innovation, reflecting a trajectory of experimentation and aesthetic research in the space. In total, the exhibition has around 30 sets of works produced from her experiences and enchantments around the world.

Inspired by the minimalist and constructivist trends, marked by limited colors, simple geometric shapes, and universal understanding, her sculptures propose a permanent dialogue with the visitor; works that occupy three-dimensional space, with the lightness and ease of a bird's flight, for example, easily involve those who observe them.

Recognized and awarded in Brazil and abroad, Norma Grinberg mixes different materials in her repertoire, such as reinforced mortar, iron, aluminum, sand, wood, and resins, keeping ceramics as the protagonist.

“MON, as a living and pulsating element, has the mission to provide transforming experiences by exposing multiple artistic languages. By facilitating the access of its visitors to the great work of Norma Grinberg, it fulfills the important role of raising awareness of art”, explains the director-president of the Museum.

Luciana Casagrande Pereira Ferreira, Secretary of State for Culture, says that, as a great appreciator of the visual arts, she is very happy about the fact that MON is hosting an exhibition with works by Norma Grinberg.

“Certainly, this exhibition will delight and positively impact the spectator. As Secretary of Culture, I believe that once again MON's mission, to exalt the languages of art and design, is made clear in this initiative. Norma's work is a very consistent representation of Brazilian sculpture here and abroad”, says the Secretary of State for Culture.

Norma Grinberg is one of the most prominent national artists in ceramic sculpture. She has awards and honorable mentions and her works are in private collections and national and international museums.

According to curator Daisy Grisolia, “Every exhibition is a special time in an artist's life in which the author's work is presented for dialogue with the public; time to share questions, explore the paths they offer us and, much more than distributing certainties, open space for uncertainties”.

“In the case of Norma Grinberg, it is a perpetual movement, orchestrated by reason and the soul, in which clay is transformed by manual work, by tools, by chemistry, by fire, subordinated to the artist’s sensitivity”, says the curator

Norma defines this process as follows: “Since that first experience with ceramics, I have continued to make progress in my research work, discovering, in addition to its potential as a material, its applications and significant developments in art. As an artist, I know that the foundations of 'consistent' production, both in the matter and in meaning and interpretative range, are the freedom and awareness of experimentation. This implies records and exchanges of information between those who share a language (...), I cannot and do not want to dodge the playful and rich role of a researcher of artistic language, scouring its intricacies”.

In the exhibition “Perpétuo Movimento”, the public will have the opportunity to explore and learn about this journey, which goes from the rawest and most primordial matter to the loftiest dreams.

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Exhibition period

Until 25 de fevereiro de 2024


Room 3

Suitable for all ages


Access until 5:30 pm

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R$ 30 full-price | R$ 15 half-price
Free admission every Wednesday


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