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MON without Walls

Artists Conquer the Gardens of MON

The new edition of “MON without Walls – Artists Conquer MON’s Gardens”, held by the Oscar Niemeyer Museum (MON), reveals other forms of artistic expression. The Museum’s outdoor area becomes a park of interactive sculptures, available for visitors to explore. Curated by Marc Pottier, it features permanent and temporary installations.

The works of Artur Lescher, Rômmulo Conceição, Alexandre Vogler, Narcélio Grud, and Joana Vasconcelos, among other artists, use different materials like iron, wood, fabric and concrete. In addition to democratizing art, they discuss the relations between nature and the industrial environment, the body, and sound experiences.

  • Artist

    Gustavo Utrabo and Mariana Palma

  • Curatorship

    Marc Pottier

  • Exhibition period

    From 8 de fevereiro de 2023

  • Long term

  • Location

    Parcão (external area)

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The new edition of “MON without Walls” is the Oscar Niemeyer Museum’s newest achievement

The project “MON without Walls – Artists Conquer MON’s Gardens” will open a new, renewed edition on March 13. In the external area of the Oscar Niemeyer Museum, visitors will find a park of interactive sculptures, with works by artists such as Artur Lescher, Rômmulo Conceição, Alexandre Vogler, Narcélio Grud and Joana Vasconcelos. 

Curated by Marc Pottier, the place houses several permanent and temporary installations, in a calendar of frequent invitations made by MON.

"The Oscar Niemeyer Museum is experiencing an unprecedented moment of expansion not only in its exhibition area but also in expanding the concept of exhibitions itself, through this new and significant approach between the public and art in the MON without Walls project", says Luciana Casagrande Pereira, Secretary of Culture of the State of Paraná.

“Increasingly democratic and inclusive, with ‘MON without Walls’ the Museum breaks the physical limit of its walls and embraces the population, making it accessible to everyone”, explains Juliana Vosnika, the institution’s director president. “The initiative is an invitation for the external public to notice the art, be inspired, and feel encouraged to come in.”

 “We understand that art in public space allows a variety of interactive activities that a museum exhibition does not always allow”, says Juliana. “By creating connections between the exteriors and the Museum’s exhibition rooms, ‘MON without Walls’ allows us to show many other forms of expression of artistic creativity,” she comments.

Curator Marc Pottier also talks about the project’s goals. “MON works to expand its audience and offer many proposals that can make Curitiba and Paraná residents take ownership of ‘their’ museum. That’s why ‘MON without Walls’ is so important.”

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“Sou Patrono” is a movement for the appreciation of art embraced by people engaged and committed to culture and who contribute annually with the sole objective of expanding the Museum's collection by purchasing new works.

More than financial support, patrons pay tribute to art and participate in various activities that value belonging to the cultural equipment.

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Physical stimulus

Freedom of movement

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Exhibition period

Until 6 de janeiro de 2027


Parcão (external area)


Access until 5:30 pm

Ticket sales

R$ 30 full-price | R$ 15 half-price
Free admission every Wednesday


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