Living Flesh

Ambiguity of Form

A exposição reúne o trabalho de quatro gerações de artistas: Washington Silvera, Hugo Mendes, Eliane Prolik, Cleverson Salvaro, Cleverson Oliveira, Cíntia Ribas e Carina Weidle. Em vez de classificar as obras mediante suas propriedades formais, a mostra descreve sensibilizações e reflexões possíveis, mas que escapam às determinações corriqueiras. A proposta é aproximar o público e demonstrar na prática a potência estética e política de cada discurso, que pode ser sutil ou mais explícita, mas está presente em cada uma das 55 obras e nos textos poéticos de Arthur do Carmo.

  • Artist

    Washington Silvera, Hugo Mendes, Eliane Prolik, C. L. Salvaro, Cleverson Oliveira, Cíntia Ribas and Carina Weidle

  • Curatorship

    Bruno Marcelino and Jhon Voese

  • Exhibition period

    From 15 de dezembro de 2022

  • Until 16 de abril de 2023

  • Location

    Room 7

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The exhibition "Living Flesh - Ambiguity of Form," held by the Oscar Niemeyer Museum (MON), will bring together the work of seven artists: Washington Silvera, Hugo Mendes, Eliane Prolik, Cleverson Salvaro, Cleverson Oliveira, Cíntia Ribas, and Carina Weidle.

Curated by Bruno Marcelino and Jhon Voese, the show has 55 works, as well as poetic texts by Arthur do Carmo, and can be seen from December 16 in Room 7 of the MON.

"We have here a happy meeting of generations of Paraná artists who have a strong connection with MON," says the Oscar Niemeyer Museum's CEO, Juliana Vosnika. "Each in his way, these artists transform matter and produce a reality different from what we see in everyday life. Using the most diverse materials - from the roughest like concrete to the most refined like polished lacquer, or from glazed ceramics to carved imbuia - they make the form, in its broadest sense, their discourse," she comments.

According to the curators, the exhibition offers the opportunity to revisit the expression "nature of art" and resume its relevance. "Instead of classifying the works by their formal properties, it describes sensitizations and reflections that are possible but that escape the ordinary determinations," they say. "Perhaps that is the effect of the ambiguous form, whose mood also runs through Arthur do Carmo's words."

Four generations of artists are gathered in the show. The proposal is to bring the public closer and demonstrate in practice the aesthetic and political power of each discourse, which can be subtle or more explicit but is present in each work.

The visitor will notice that most of the works are three-dimensional, which highlights the intention of allowing a dialogue of the exhibition with the physical space of the Museum. The show occupies four environments besides the "antechamber," where a sound installation signed by artists Eliane Prolik and Cleverson Salvaro is presented.

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Exhibition period

Until 16 de abril de 2023


Room 7


Access until 5:30 pm

Ticket sales

R$ 30 full-price | R$ 15 half-price
Free admission every Wednesday


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