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Asia: the Land, the Men, the Gods

Colonialism - Third Edition

MON holds a new edition of the Asian exhibition, with the theme "Colonialism"

A new edition of the exhibition "Asia: the Land, the Men, the Gods," held by Oscar Niemeyer Museum (MON), will open on Tuesday, October 11. Curated by professor and diplomat Fausto Godoy, donor of the Asian collection to the Museum, the show brings works never before exhibited, aiming to reach even larger audiences and increasingly democratize access to the assortment.

"Upon completing 20 years, the Oscar Niemeyer Museum joins the ranks of the great international museums. The size and relevance of its collection, which has increased fivefold and become more comprehensive, were fundamental in this trajectory, in which the importance of the Asian art collection is immense," says the institution's president-director, Juliana Vosnika.

  • Artist
  • Curatorship

    Fausto Godoy

  • Exhibition period

    From 11 de outubro de 2022

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    Room 5

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Disputed by other institutions in Brazil and collectors from abroad, the Asian collection, with approximately 3,000 works of art, belongs to the MON - and people from Paraná. In this new edition, the proposal is to approach "Colonialism" on that continent.

"The Asian collection represents a milestone for the MON collection and Paraná as a depository of such an important collection. I am sure that this new edition of the works will once again touch the public greatly," comments the General Superintendent of Culture, Luciana Casagrande Pereira.

For the Secretary of Social Communication and Culture, João Debiasi, MON's 20th-anniversary celebrations are getting events to match. "The Asian collection is a treasure that the State of Paraná holds with great pride. This exhibition is a way for MON to continue surprising the people of Paraná and tourists," he adds.

The main objective of the MON, with the rereading, is to facilitate dialogues between cultures and territories, through art, according to Juliana. "The theme Colonialism is current, extremely relevant, and allows us, by analyzing history, to reflect on the decolonization process, which is increasingly emerging with a new social and political understanding," she says.

Not by chance, the Museum presents side-by-side, diverse cultures that, while conversing, demonstrate their uniqueness and allow us an exciting view of the world. "The world has changed, and museums, as instruments of reading and interpretation, have also changed. If Eurocentric culture once prevailed, if colonized people were once treated as peoples without history and a past, the current movement is opposite."

Juliana also reminds us that the Asian collection is in dialogue with contemporary art, has already inspired artists, and was present in other recent exhibitions at MON, such as "Crossing the Disaster" by French artist François Andes and "Affinities".


It is the third edition of the exhibition "Asia: the Earth, the Men, the Gods," which was initially opened in March 2018 and renewed in February 2020.

With the theme "Colonialism," curator Fausto Godoy addresses "the hegemonic - and changing - drive of one group over another, which has been the keynote of the curve of civilizations." This new edition of the exhibition brings to the public a reflection on the various interpretations of colonialism on that continent.

"The human adventure and coexistence with the foreigner, the different, takes many different forms, whether it is a generous and supportive approach or a xenophobic and prejudiced distancing. The balance of the 'middle way' that Buddhism preaches a great capacity for understanding those who do not share our roots, our values, and our history," comments the curator.

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Exhibition period

Until 8 de janeiro de 2025


Room 5


Access until 5:30 pm

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R$ 30 full-price | R$ 15 half-price
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