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Mario Rubinski

The Magnetized Space

Em cartaz na Sala 7, “Mario Rubinski – O Espaço Imantado” apresenta um conjunto de pinturas, desenhos e estudos deste importante artista paranaense, que traz os elementos da paisagem por meio da geometrização e abstração simbólica. A exposição reúne 150 obras finalizadas ao longo de seis décadas, do final de 1950 a 2021. A formação na Escola de Belas Artes do Paraná permitiu que o artista não só produzisse, como ensinasse o fazer artístico. Com curadoria de Adolfo Montejo Navas e Eliane Prolik, a mostra apresenta um espaço imantado, pela tríade cor, espaço e composição. São composições de formas ou figuras simplificadas que trazem ao público uma percepção diferente da natureza habitada pelo homem.

  • Artista

    Mario Rubinski

  • Curaduría

    Adolfo Montejo Navas and Eliane Prolik

  • Período de exhibición

    De 27 de outubro de 2023

  • Hasta 31 de março de 2024

  • Local

    Room 7

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The Oscar Niemeyer Museum (MON) is holding the exhibition “Mario Rubinski – The Magnetized Space”, to be opened on October 26, at 7 pm, in Room 7. It is a historic exhibition that presents approximately 150 paintings, drawings, and studies by the artist from Curitiba Mario Rubinski (1933-2021). The curation is by Adolfo Montejo Navas and Eliane Prolik.

“Art and artists from Paraná play an important role in both the Oscar Niemeyer Museum’s collection and exhibition calendar”, states the president-director of MON, Juliana Vosnika. “The realization of this great solo exhibition by Mario Rubinski, one of our exponents, confirms this premise.”

His unmistakable work unites the elements of the landscape through geometricization and symbolic abstraction. They are compositions of simplified forms or figures that speak to us about the nature inhabited by man, about our being in the world, evoking a certain silence and reflection. “In scenes depicted on canvas, the viewer finds space to search for memories or project expectations”, comments Juliana.

The exhibition brings together works created over six decades, between the end of 1950 and 2021. Rubinski trained at the Paraná School of Fine Arts and experienced the effervescence of the Paraná Public Library as the main cultural center in Curitiba. He exhibited and won awards in salons, spent time with great artists, and tirelessly taught art throughout his life.

Curator Eliane Prolik explains that Rubinski has his history and production linked to our local context. She highlights his work as a teacher for educators at the Casa Alfredo Andersen Museum and in several public and private schools in the city, in addition to his profession as a librarian as head of the Fine Arts sector at BPP.

“Mario Rubinski’s work is of great interest because of its poetic and visual quality,” she says. “The artist geometrically organizes the painting into planes of shapes and colors through refined compositional reasoning,” comments the curator. The composition creates delicate tensions and exquisite balances and guides the elements of the landscape toward geometric and symbolic abstraction. Emphasis is placed on the geometry of shapes or figures of circles, rectangles, squares, triangles, and pentagons that translate the elements of the landscape. Primordial signs are used and related to each other, such as house facades, vegetation and trees, paths, rivers, and clouds, among others. 

According to curator Adolfo Montejo Navas, Mario Rubinski, from the beginning, is more of a painter of a zone than a territory, of a space magnetized by the color/space/composition triad and in which his entire reason for being is enhanced, as well as his religare (the meaning of their connections, whether between their tangible, aesthetic or intangible, semantic elements). “An image statute profiled in a constructive modernity, with evident geometry, but whose imagery goes beyond appearances, since, as the artist says, ‘I don’t make a house look like a house’, responding to a motif (symbol) multiplied in his work that is so veiled in its transparency”, says the curator.

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    Período de exhibición

    Hasta 31 de março de 2024


    Room 7


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